Introductory scenes to "Contaminated Forever," released on March 3, 2008 - runtime 5 minutes

"Contaminated Forever" - the documentary -- 
... a film exposing the ongoing impact of the use of  depleted uranium munitions

   Filmmaker Wes Rehberg and artist and social policy analyst Eileen Rehberg have produced  "Contaminated Forever," a documentary film that seeks to help in the effort to expose the terrible consequences of the use of depleted uranium weapons (DU) for test purposes and in the battlefield. 

   These weapons were used in Iraq, the Balkans, on testing grounds throughout the United States, and possibly in Afghanistan, Panama and Lebanon, with their poison dust afflicting soldiers and civilians. Their nanoparticle fallout, in the earth, has a half-life of 4.5 billion years, ready to be inhaled or ingested, where, inside the body, they pass through cell walls to begin their radioactive and toxic damage. 

   Above is a 5-minute segment of introductory scenes from the documentary. For a low-bandwidth version, click here . To view draft scenes from "Contaminated Forever" while it was in production, visit this web page

   Screenings: * First Take Film Festival, Augusta, GA, April 12, 2008; * Building a New World Conference, May 24, 2008. Also broadcast nationwide on a series of public access television channels.

  * If you'd wish to screen this documentary for a group, gathering, or broadcast, please contact us via email at wildclearing [at] wildclearing [dot] com --

  To purchase a DVD of the documentary for $19.95, plus shipping, click on the "Buy Now" button below or on the Create Space or links. You may also contact us by email for an order or fax us at 866-274-1758.

Contaminated Forever DVD case


PART 1: Introduction
PART 2: CPT actions at Aerojet Ordnance in Tennessee
PART 3: Vieques activists speak out about bombing range contamination
PART 4: Doug Rokke, maligned military whistleblower
PART 5: ICBUW conference at UN Plaza in NYC
PART 6: NL industries victims of contamination
PART 7: Anti-DU rally in Jonesborough, TN
POSTLUDE: Iraq veteran Herb Reed at home


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